Metalware Production

In metalware production, supreme-quality materials are used to make a container that ensures reliable operation in harsh climatic conditions and on open-air sites.
  • In low or high temperatures, the container maintains normal temperature conditions for the plant, which ensures the start of the power plant engine and failure-free operation of supplementary equipment supplied with the plant.
  • Apart from maintaining temperature conditions, the container functions as noise insulation, provides high transportability and operating safety of the standalone power source and increases lifetime of the equipment.
In metalware production ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA takes each of those factors into consideration, our products meet the most stringent requirements in the industry, which is confirmed by certificates and licenses for all types of operations performed.
A power plant container consists of the following components:
dnishe.JPGThe floor is a frame-type heat-insulated metal structure made of rolled sections. The frame meets the enforcement requirements and has all structural assemblies necessary to mount the power unit. The container floor has troughs to remove spilt technical fluids.
krisha.JPGThe roof is a trapezoid, which allows the power plant to be transported by railroad. The roof has an opening for installation/deinstallation of a genset. On the roof, external power plant parts are installed — silencers, cooling units, recovery boilers, external lines of cooling and disposal system. The roof is heat-insulated according to fire resistance and heat insulation requirement. The roof structure ensures operation in all climates of the country due to draining and resistance to snow loads.
kont.JPGThe container — the power plant walls are made of corrugated plates reinforcing the container. At the customer’s request and to comply with the operating regulations, doorways, air intakes and outlets, passages for fuel, oil, coolant, water heating system and recovery system are installed. The container heating ensures that with outside temperatures up to -40ºС, the temperature inside the power plant is as stipulated by the technical regulations.
rami.JPGEquipment mounting hardware. Fixtures (frames, supports, brackets) necessary to mount the equipment inside the power plant and supplementary modules. These elements ensure reliable mounting both for stationary assembly and for transportation.