Solutions for Gas Industry

Reliability of power supply is one of the key factors for efficient operation in gas-and-oil industry. ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA OJSC offers reliable emergency power supply systems of different capacities and configurations. They are particularly demanded by the largest Russian oil and gas company — ОАО Gazprom; it sets forth stringent technical requirements to the construction and operating modes of power plants to be used at its subsidiaries’ sites.

Emergency power plants

Over 85% of power plants supplied by the company for OAO Gazprom are designed especially for emergency or backup power supply. In the course of its business life, ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA OJSC has delivered over 270 emergency power plants to OAO Gazprom facilities.

Development of fields on the Yamal Peninsula

ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA OJSC also takes an active part in the implementation of one of OAO Gazprom’s most important programs — complex development of fields on the Yamal Peninsula and its adjacent water area. The first priority within the framework of this project is the deposits of the Bovanenkovskoye field. To transport gas to the central regions of Russia, the Bovanenkovo-Ukhta Gas Pipeline (BUGP) was built. The main power source for the BUGP compressor stations will be the auxiliary power plants (CPPs) manufactured by ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA OJSC. The APPs have an automated control system designed by the company experts using imported components of well-known manufacturers (Allen Bradley, Schneider Electric, Siemens et al.)

Unified equipment packages of ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA

An important aspect substantially reducing the time of project implementation and significantly increasing the quality of performance are unified equipment packages of ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA OJSC. In the course of operation on local sites, those packages were acknowledged for possessing the best economic and operating characteristics.


  • The products delivered to OAO Gazprom are certified.
  • ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA OJSC is included in the supplier register and is one of the first companies to have its power plants certified by VNIIGAZ-Certificate.

So far, the company has delivered over 340 power units to OAO Gazprom sites, with a total electric power of about 230MW, including 14 multi-genset APPs with a total electric power of about 40MW.
Completed Projects
torzok.jpg Customer: OAO Gazprom
Electric power: 3.9MW
Engines: Cummins
Engine number: 3
Fuel: natural gas
Mode: continuous
Year of delivery: 2005
Location: Torzhoksksya CS
kamensk.JPG Customer: OAO Gazprom
Electric power: 2.6MW  
Engines: Cummins  
Engine number: 2  
Fuel: natural gas  
Mode: continuous  
Year of delivery: 2007  
Location: Kamensk-Shakhtinskaya CS