Construction of power plants

One of the main ways to increase efficiency of complex power solutions is the ЕРС/ЕРСm-Contracting principle implemented by ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA. The principle comes in two independent types: ЕРС and ЕРСm.

ЕРС stands for engineering procurement construction. With this model, the company performs the entire operation cycle of design, equipment supply and power unit assembly, i.e. construction on a turnkey basis. This type of customer-contractor relationship means the highest responsibility level of the latter. Additionally, the project implementation procedure becomes transparent, which significantly simplifies the process of raising investments and obtaining credits.

ЕРС considerably facilitates the project management process and consequently decreases the customer’s material costs, reduces the power unit construction period
and increases general quality of work.

ЕРСm (engineering procurement construction management) is management of design, delivery and construction of a facility. Under an ЕРСm contract, the company functions as a service for the customer: invites bids, elaborates bidding documents, consults on contractor selection for certain types of operations and then fully supervises their work. In this case, the customer does not have to spend extra time and money or double-check for errors. ЕРСm-Contracting is particularly profitable when implementing complicated or one-of-a-kind power supply projects.

ЕРСm-Contracting entrusts project management to an expert team 
and eliminates the need to open and develop the customer’s own special departments
(Design, Construction etc.)

Construction with ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA OJSC means:

  • Best due dates and continuous supervision of operations;
  • Finding the best suppliers, supervision of procurement process and component delivery to the construction site;
  • Quality control and quality management on all construction stages;
  • Cutting-edge technology;
  • Quality guarantee.