Lease and Operation

As an alternative to buying and building a power plant, ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA offers power plants for lease. It is a very practical and cost-efficient temporary power supply option.

It is advantageous as it prevents massive expenses on plant procurement and repairs; the customer also will not need to maintain an in-house service department or set up a maintenance infrastructure and will be self-sufficient and independent of power lines availability.
ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA offers for lease packaged diesel power plants with a unit capacity of 630‑1600 kW. Configuration depends on the customer’s requirements. Minimum term of lease is 6 months.


Another advantageous offer by ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA is maintaining the customer’s sites throughout the first stage of their operation and integral operation of the customer’s power plants by ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA staff. Power plant maintaining by the manufacturer’s personnel is most efficient since it helps avoid many technical errors and material costs of keeping the customer’s own operating staff.

The Service Department of ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA includes a power plant operation department employing highly qualified staff widely experienced in technical maintenance of diesel and gas-piston plants of different capacities. Today, a number of facilities of 4.5–1.5.MW are operated by our employees.