Automated Control Systems

Increasing requirements to power supply reliability promote improvement of control systems and encourage application of technologies and technical means that provide the necessary conditions for failure-free operation of captive power plants and durability of power supply systems of oil and gas fields.

It is impossible to design and manufacture of up-to-date and reliable energy equipment without highly intellectual high-order automated systems of technological process control and management at the power plant. ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA OJSC provides a comprehensive approach to solving power supply issues and offers its own power plant control systems designed by the Automated Control System Department individually for each project. ACS manufacture employs cutting-edge technologies and component parts of leading manufacturers, which ensures that the product meets the most stringent requirements and quality standards.

APCS is build based on the following concept:

  • increased control efficiency of processing equipment of the power plant due to modern methods of control, management and regulation of technological processes and employment of a highly reliable microprocessor hardware base;
  • reliable and safe performance of technological equipment of the power plant due to automatic failure detection and prevention of emergencies;
  • ergonomic workplace of operating staff;
  • reliability of information;
  • easier control, maintenance and repair;
  • functionality expansion in the course of operation.

The ACS Department

  • The ACS Department is a team of professionals, all of whom graduated from leading engineering schools and some hold academic degrees in their fields. The department experts have rich experience in building and implementing control systems of different technological processes in most complex power generating and manufacturing sites.
  • On the base of the ACS Department, ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA OJSC opened an experimental ACS laboratory that develops technical solutions on a test site and consequently only products that have already passed tests are used on the customer’s site.