ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA OJSC built a unique test bench for testing complete turnkey block-modular gas-piston power plants, as well as high-voltage diesel and gas-piston power plants. The bench equipment can also be used to test heat recovery systems included in certain products.

The bed has two test sections for two gas-piston power plants and the following equipment:

  • indoor switchgear and operator’s bench module (containerized);
  • step-down transformer;
  • bench module for main switchboard and load banks (containerized);
  • bench subframes for installation of power units to be tested;
  • bench fuel gas system;
  • power supply system for the bench.

The tested power plants are loaded by the bench air cooled load banks. Total power of the load banks is 2MW. In a single plant test, the plant can be taken to the rated load. With two plants tested simultaneously, each can be taken to a load of 1MW. The bench can be used to test concurrent operation of two plants with a common load. During testing, the plants are controlled from the bench automated process control system manufactured by ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA.

The test bench construction is a major investment project of ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA OJSC, its implementation will increase the reliability of manufactured equipment and facilitate development of high-end technology in the company.