Solutions for housing and infrastructure

ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA OJSC implements power supply products for both large industrial facilities and housing infrastructure of the remote regions of Russia and new-built housing areas.


Having their own sources of heat and electric power makes these companies independent from increasing electricity and heat tariffs and availability of power lines, providing reliable and high-quality electric power supply; and in remote towns and settlements it is often the only electricity and heat power source.

Power plants with a heat recovery system

Using heat recovery devices designed by our company, we make highly efficient cogeneration power plants successfully solving power and heat supply problems. Power plants equipped with a heat recovery system increase the plant efficiency from 40% to 80–90%. Heat recovery system parameters are variable and depend on the value of electric load, and the configuration is determined by the customer’s individual requirements.

Completed Projects
salehard.JPG Customer: Salekhard energy, OJSC
Electric power: 14MW
Heat power: 14MW
Engines: Cummins
Engine number: 8
Fuel:gas Mode: continuous
Year of construction: 2009
Location: Salekhard Town
sahalin.jpg Customer: CTSD Ltd, Japan
Electric power: 19.2MW  
Heat power: 8MW  
Engines: Cummins  
Engine number: 12  
Fuel: diesel  
Mode: continuous  
Year of construction: 2005  
Location: Sakhalin Island