Solutions for oil industry

Reliability is a crucial requirement to power supply of production and transportation enterprises in the oil industry. Power supply failure for over 30‑60 sec can cause a breakdown in production for up to several hours.

ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA has a vast experience in power plant construction for oil companies, which guarantees infallible component part selection, design and installation. A special line of work of ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA OJSC is manufacture of power plants operating on associated petroleum gas (APG). APG utilization ensures significant reduction of fuel expenses and optimization of oil extraction process; it is also in line with the federal oil extraction policy of recent years. During 9 years of work, the Company has launched approximately 11 APG-operated objects. Apart from main equipment, those projects cover the design of fuel gas preparation and heat recovery systems.

Technical specifications of the power plants made by the company
ensure highly reliable and efficient operation.

At present, the company’s experts are finishing technological and technical substantiation for application of mine gas and coke oven gas as fuel for power generation. To optimize gas preparation schemes, the operation of gas-piston power plant utilizing associated petroleum gas is analyzed. Today, ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA OJSC confidently solves most complex tasks in the area of APG utilization.

Completed Projects
matushka.JPG Customer: Matyushinskaya Vertikal LLC, MOL GROUP
Electric power: 3 MW
Engines: Cummins
Engine number: 2
Fuel: associated gas
Mode: continuous Year of delivery: 2009
Location: North-Ledovoe field
ritek.JPG Customer: RITEK JSC
Electric power: 15MW (7,5 +7,5MW)
Engines: Cummins
Engine number: 10
Fuel: associated gas
Mode: continuous Year of delivery: 2005, 2007
Location: Sredne-Khulymskoe field