Emergency Power Systems

Power supply reliability is crucial for efficient operation in oil and gas industry and some other industries. Mine and production plant downtime result in enormous material losses. Power supply failures are also unacceptable for medical and educational facilities.

  • Emergency power plants are designed to control the customer mains; they are automatically activated at a power failure and provide customers with G3-type or higher power supply according to GOST R ISO 8528-1-2005 G3.
  • Stated capacity of power plants is PRP according to GOST R ISO 8528-1-2005.
  • Plants can operate in PRP mode for up to 300 hours uninterruptedly and in the LTR (limited time rating) mode with a 110% load for 1 hour at 12-hour intervals.

ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA OJSC offers reliable emergency power supply systems of different capacities and configurations. In the course of its business life, the company has delivered over 240 emergency power plants to customers’ sites. They are in particular demand by ОАО Gazprom: over 85% of the supplied power plants are designed especially for emergency or backup power supply.